Almost anyone fate did not bestow great and continual success. Only the happiness that comes easily, is persistent and accompanied us to the end. Seneca the Younger (born Lucius Annaeus Seneca, called. Philosopher, 4 BC - 65 AD)

Your Career Interest Report

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Based on your responses to our Career Interest Inventory, we have an understanding of what types of career areas are right for you and why.

Most people have a hard time defining what exactly engineers do. In part, this difficulty reflects just how broad the field is. For example, biomedical engineers may be involved in creating new medical devices and machines, whereas structural engineers may be involved in designing bridges and buildings. Although a variety of professions fall under engineering, most involve applying mathematical and scientific knowledge in an applied setting. Engineers are typically curious about how things work and enjoy testing out solutions rather than being told how something works. As children, they were most likely the ones taking things apart and trying to put them back together again. Given that many engineering jobs require inventing or creating something, having spatial skills, such as the ability to understand how objects fit together, is helpful.

A job is not just a job. It serves other needs that are important not to ignore. Don't forget to consider different aspects of your personality when thinking about your specific job interests. Below we've given you some ideas to keep in mind. Following this, the jobs that we've listed for you were personally picked for you with these needs in mind.

Although everyone would enjoy having some money, you want more than that. Whether you actually live in a lap of luxury isn't the point either. Rather, your desire to have certain comforts in life partly relates to your job interests. In addition to making money, jobs carry other benefits too. For example, you may not make as much money being an artist, but it carries a certain amount of prestige compared to other higher paying jobs. You want to have a job associated with having favorable qualities so that you make a good impression with others. A bit of recognition does not hurt either in your book. It's far better to work hard and receive some accolades then it is to work just as hard and not have others admire you for it. Given that this is the case, think about aiming for jobs that are seen as admirable by society at large. In your area, think about jobs that connote high creativity, nobility, or intelligence. Being around people is one of the perks of the job. You are social by nature and while some people see socializing as a waste of time, working with others increases your enthusiasm for what you do. The thought of sitting in front of your computer all day without interacting with people would be joyless to you. Maybe it's that you like bouncing ideas off of other people or you just like taking breaks with people. Whatever the case, make sure you look for jobs that allow you to work with others in some way. It would not only make you happy but also productive.