Almost anyone fate did not bestow great and continual success. Only the happiness that comes easily, is persistent and accompanied us to the end. Seneca the Younger (born Lucius Annaeus Seneca, called. Philosopher, 4 BC - 65 AD)

Your Emocional IQ Report

Rafal, your Emotional IQ score is:


The above chart shows where you fall on the Emotional IQ scale compared to others. You scored higher than 96% of other test takers.

Your Emotional IQ measures how well your emotions guide you towards smart decisions. In fact, increasingly, researchers are pointing to Emotional IQs as better indicators of overall success in life than traditional IQ tests alone. Healthy relationships and flourishing careers are impossible without interacting successfully with others. Even someone who possesses a genius Intellectual Quotient (IQ) can miss out on the wisdom that comes from understanding another human being.

What makes Tickle's Emotional IQ test more comprehensive than others, is that we structured the test to actually isolate different interpersonal skills and how well you use them to your benefit.

As such, each of your scores on the 4 emotional intelligence dimensions, Perception, Expression, Empathy, and Emotional Management, are independent of one another, despite the fact that only in combination do they yield your true EIQ.

That also means that you can score high on all dimensions, low on all dimensions, and any permutation in between. There are plenty of reasons to understand where your strengths and weakness lie. In so doing, you can play to your strengths and work on improving your skills on all the dimensions.

As we noted in your initial results, your emotional strength, or the dimension on which you scored the highest is Empathy. For an in-depth look at those dimensions, read on about your Emotional IQ profile

The psychological community agrees that the dimensions portrayed in the above chart are the cornerstone of your Emotional IQ. Here's what they mean in this context.

Your perception score measures your ability to perceive other people's emotions. It also indicates your innate ability to recognize other people's emotions through nonverbal communication channels. In other words, it gauges how well you pick up on the things people aren't saying. And that's a powerful skill because nonverbal communications — body language, facial expressions, touch, tone, and appearance — often convey a person's true feelings. In fact, some researchers estimate that 93% of all communication is nonverbal. The higher your score, the stronger your edge on the competition.

Your expression score measures the extent to which you allow yourself to feel and to express your own emotions. It gauges how comfortable you are in expressing the full range of emotions — both positive and negative. Being able to express a range of emotions implies that you understand the difference between what you really feel as opposed to acting in the manner you think you are supposed to feel. When you get better at expressing emotions, you also accept those emotions as valid — and valuable — in making decisions.

Your empathy score represents your ability to understand and appreciate other people's points of view. Experts agree that your ability to see things from perspectives different from your own will make you a better communicator and, in general, a more perceptive individual. It also indicates how much benefit of the doubt you are likely to give people and how much leeway you give them before you form conclusions about them, their ideas, or their motives.

Emotional Management
Your emotional management score reflects how much you let your emotions affect the world around you. It measures how good you are at understanding your emotions and acting upon them. Emotional management also gauges whether you let your emotions drive your actions or whether you tend to contain them and base your actions on things more objective than your emotions.

Now that you better understand the dimensions that make up your Emotional IQ, we can take a look at your individual scores. Remember, like everything in life, you can always improve your rating on these dimensions. In fact, Tickle's test is designed to help you do just that so you can more easily get what you want in your life.