Almost anyone fate did not bestow great and continual success. Only the happiness that comes easily, is persistent and accompanied us to the end. Seneca the Younger (born Lucius Annaeus Seneca, called. Philosopher, 4 BC - 65 AD)

Your personality type

Your Personality Type

Your Personality Type: Millionaire

How You Approach Life

You, Millionaire, are primed for success and you won't stop until you get there. You're unusually ambitious, which is the distinctive edge you have on the competition. You can remain focused, even when distracted by the nonessential fringe issues that throw so many people off the road to glory. You are able to focus your strengths and energies where they are most needed - paving the way to the pot of gold. You work your way up, making connections and keeping within the safe boundaries of an office or business setting.

You aim to succeed in multiple realms of your life. But through it all, you also know how to impress people and have a good time. You're very ambitious and personable, and you've got a great sense of humor. That will carry you farther than people who just want to climb the corporate and social ladders of life at any expense.

You care a lot about how you look. You're bursting with self-confidence, and people admire you for your achievements and determination. For that reason, you like to look the part, and you take pride in dressing well and surrounding yourself with nice things. To some extent, your appearance reflects your position in life.

Professionally, you're extremely motivated. But in your search for perfection, you can sometimes be too critical of your work, and that can be destructive. Instead, focus on the successes you've already netted. People know that you're a solid, reliable person who can perform under pressure.

Any way you slice it, Millionaire, you're already rich.

Section II - What makes you a Millionaire?

Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types - your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type.

In your case, Millionaire, your two sub-types are Success and Thinker. Your primary sub-type is defined by "Success" characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by "Thinker" characteristics.

Your primary type is Success
People with Success characteristics are generally driven by achievement and recognition of their talents - you are no different. You are motivated to work hard to have nice things. You also feel to some degree that your possessions reflect your hard work - something you're very proud of. You are compelled to excellence by a number of factors and strive to climb whatever ladders come your way - whether corporate or social. To succeed and make a good impression on others, you may focus on your external appearance. You have a tendency to see it as an indicator of your internal value.

Intellectually, you are goal-driven. You might focus on the end results more than the process that gets you through an issue. In terms of entertainment, you gravitate toward media that is sensual, sexy, flashy and loud - often avoiding media that is too introspective or sentimental. You like to shop for anything from clothes to cars and enjoy reading magazines. Also, you most likely have a marked interest in your physical and mental health.

Your secondary type is Thinker
People with Thinker characteristics are extremely sensitive to external stimuli. They are extraordinarily aware of their surroundings - responding strongly to small changes that others might not even notice. They are also hyper-aware emotionally - reacting to, and analyzing changes to their environment. To combat the potential to get over-stimulated, Thinkers tend to move a bit more slowly and seek out calm environments that won't stress them out.

Intellectually, Thinkers like to dig deep into a problem to solve it - even when others grow impatient and move on to other subjects. As consumers of entertainment, Thinkers enjoy media that is sentimental, peaceful, and like heartwarming stories. They tend to be interested in books, inspirational media, self-improvement, and arts and crafts.

Section III - Your Four Personality Dimensions

Your primary and secondary personality sub-types determine your personality type. There are, however, additional elements that contribute to your complete personality profile.

Based on how you answered the questions on the Ultimate Personality Test, we have determined where you fall on four distinct personality scales: Relaxed/Apprehensive, Self-Doubt/Confidence, Safety-Seeking/ Risk-Taking, and Internal Experience/External Appearance. The scales are not dependent on one another. They are meant to show you whether you tend towards one or the other extreme, or are somewhere in the middle.

Here's the breakdown of your scores on the four personality dimension scales.

Relaxed versus Apprehensive

Your scores place you in the extremely apprehensive region of the relaxed/apprehensive scale. This means that relative to others who have taken the test, you are more sensitive to surrounding stimuli. It also means you are more likely to have an emotional response to chaotic scenes.

Like other people who score high on the apprehensive side of this scale, you are likely to be drawn to situations that are less stimulating to their senses. Because you seem to be easily affected by change, you probably try to stay away from environments that can over-stimulate you.

You might have strong reactions to what others would consider minor changes. That is why you and other people who score high on the apprehensive side of the scale try to slow down the pace. When faced with chaotic situations, you are likely to look for more calming places to be. Despite your many talents, you generally tend to be more self-critical and shy than others, even if it seems to others that there is no reason for you to be.

The flip side of this behavior is people who score high on the relaxed side of this scale. They are likely to be stimulated by chaos and tend to approach life with a "the more the better" kind of attitude. They have high energy levels because they are relaxed about problems that are out of their control. These people are relatively less inclined to react emotionally to things that happen - not because they don't feel the emotions, but because they don't let things get to them as easily as others.

Self-Doubt versus Confidence

Your scores place you in the moderately self-doubting region of the self-doubt/confidence scale. This means that relative to others who have taken the test, you are less confident than most. It also indicates that although you may be generally less satisfied with yourself than are others, you are still able to put your best foot forward when needed.

Since you scored just slightly more on the self-doubting side of things, let's take a look at characteristics of people who scored more towards the extremes of the self-doubt/confidence scale to gauge where you fall in between.

People scoring high on the confidence side are extremely self-assured and responsible. Because of these traits, they are often the one friends and colleagues come to rely on - both on the job and in personal situations. These people are also known for having unusually high self-esteem and are natural leaders.

People who score high on the self-doubt side of the scale have a tendency to look to others to determine their self-worth. They seek calm environments and often focus their energies on jobs that have less responsibility and are therefore less stressful. They are sometimes prone to being overly-critical about themselves, but can work their way out of those thoughts because ultimately, others might point out their talents.

Safety-Seeking versus Risk-Taking

Your scores place you in the in the moderately safety-seeking region of the safety-seeking/risk-taking scale. This means that relative to others who have taken the test, you sometimes play it safe and seek the security of predictable situations. Sometimes however, you throw caution to the wind and leave things up to chance.

Since you scored just slightly more on the safety-seeking side of things, let's take a look at characteristics of people who scored more towards the extremes of the scale to gauge where you fall in between.

People who score high on the risk-taking side combine a love of the new and unusual with a talent for inquisitive, abstract thinking. They seek out action and find structure and predictability to be strangling experiences.

People who score high on the safety-seeking side of the safety-seeking/risk-taking scale prefer their environments to remain stable. They feel that predictability has positive connotations and that stability is a comfort and an indication of safety.

External Appearance versus Internal Experience

Your scores place you mid-range of the internal experience/external appearance scale. This means that relative to others who have taken the test, half of the time you focus on the internal experience of the situation and the other half of the time you are more concerned with how things appear to others.

To give you an idea of how to gauge yourself on the internal experience/external appearance scale, let's look at people whose scores lie on the extreme ends of the spectrum.

People who score high on the internal experience side of the scale don't really believe that material possessions are a reflection of their success. In fact, they tend not to focus on how things appear to others at all. They feel that success comes from doing a good job, and knowing that they have positively influenced the world.

People who score high on the external appearance end of the scale tend to be motivated by a wish to be socially desirable. They want to move up and be seen in the world. For them, true success is important, and material possessions are the sign they have achieved it. Therefore, these people sometimes believe that happiness is directly a result of success and that the possessions they own are a reflection of that success.

Section IV - The Millionaire and the World Around You

How Others See You
You are perceived as being utterly real, grounded and trustworthy. You have clear judgments and don't hesitate to separate right from wrong, good from bad. This makes people feel that you are solid, with a strong sense of integrity. Your presence is comforting, because people know what to expect from you. They never fear that you are manipulating the situation for your personal benefit.

Communication Style
You enjoy conversations that are lighthearted, pleasant and agreeable. Low-key connections with like-minded people are one of life's pleasures for you. You sometimes are baffled by the fact that some people intentionally pick arguments. How can they be so sure of themselves when every issue has so many aspects? You would never want to come across as so aggressive. You especially don't like domineering, blaming people.

Your Romantic Life
Cozy closeness by a quiet fireplace, escaping the noise and clamor of the world together...this is your kind of a romantic evening. At times you may be attracted to charming, outgoing adventurers. A better match for you in the long term however, would be someone who longs for the same comforting, close, private experiences you do.

You At Your Best
When you're in the presence of others who care about you, you relax and really shine. Supportive, safe interactions with people who believe in you are an important step in your unfolding path towards more confidence. You'll thrive in atmospheres that are calm and quiet. When you feel soothed, you can tune into your real thoughts and reactions. By creating a peaceful environment for yourself, and by slowly building up your confidence, you will be able to enter the world more fully and share the amazing person you are.

Achieving Success
You are capable of more than you think. At this point, your most important task is to explore just where your greatest talents lie. You're not prone to care a whole lot about getting ahead of the game or looking good in an expensive car. You're looking for other kinds of success. So cast a wide net as you try out possible jobs, activities, and areas of interest. You're bound to learn a lot about yourself, the world and what excites you. Keep an open mind, a positive outlook, and above all, don't sell yourself short. Armed with self-knowledge and a good attitude, there's nothing you can't do.